​BlinkGuard: Increasing your BlinkRate
​& Relieving Dry Eyes

​Do you suffer from dry eyes while working at the computer?
Our software will help you get better fast.

​Beta Version

BlinkGuard is still in development. This download is an early release version with limited features. ​Please report any bugs and​ errors to feedback@ergopax.com.

​Increases Blink Rate​

BlinkGuard uses your computer's webcam to detect if you are blinking enough or not. If too much time between blinks is detected, a reminder​ will show on your screen. ​The result in an increase of your blink rate.

​Improves Dry Eyes

​Healthy eyes need blinks every few seconds. Staring at the computer screen can drastically reduce the blink rate. ​BlinkGuard ​reestablishes a healthy blink rate which improves and can even completly resolve the symptoms of dry eyes. 

​Easy & Effective

​BlinkGuard is easy to use and to install. You only need a webcam. You can use your built-in laptop webcam or any external webcam. If your blink rate is too low, a clearly visible but unobtrusive reminder will ​show on your screen.